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  • TESTIMONIAL for smoking cessation!

    I am Teresa from Rogue River, OR. About four weeks after starting the hypnosis sessions, I began to notice I wasn’t smoking as much. Now that I have completely quit, my friends and family are amazed and happy for me. I am feeling so much more relaxed and less anxious and I realize I can relax and just stop.

    HTI is very professional, personable and I don’t believe I could have succeeded without their great support. The sessions were very calming. I looked forward to my visits and I was sorry when they ended.

    I encourage anyone considering hypnosis to do it. It is very interesting and worth the time. 

    Teresa: Stop Smoking Program

  • TESTIMONIAL for stress reduction!

     My name is Charles. I live in Ashland Oregon and I am a contractor. I came to the Hypnosis Technology Institute to reduce my blood pressure without medication. I tried medication, diet, and exercise, and experienced little success. I decided to try hypnosis as a last resort solution.

    The success has been outstanding. My attitude towards my health and well being and “myself” has been overwhelming. I now give myself time to exercise. I eat and drink a much better healthier diet and I generally feel a lot better. I now sleep much better at night and I enjoy life to the fullest. I can now walk and/or jog 4 to 6 miles 2 to 3 times a week and I’m pursuing a healthier lifestyle. I find that I’m, actually less concerned about some of the more materialistic aspects of life.

    I began noticing changes after the 2nd week of treatment and others began noticing the changes about the 3rd or 4th week. My family was very impressed and pleased. My changes have had a positive affect on the lives of others as well. I am able to interact with others in a better way. I am more positive and seem happier. I would say that I’ve experienced a dramatic improvement in general well being and outlook. The services at the Hypnosis Technology Institute were excellent and I highly recommend them. 

    Charles: Stress Reduction Program

  • TESTIMONIAL for substance abuse!

    My name is Nancy. For the past 20 years I have been living with a substance abuse issue. I tried many methods to quit and no results.

    I signed up at the Hypnosis Therapy Institute and after 3 sessions I “got it.” My experience was a letting go. I felt an inner peace that was spiritual with a real realization more than a deep message. I knew this was going to work. I felt a sense of well-being. I was OK. I have an inner power, a lamp that needs to shine and let others SEE that light. After 3 sessions, my husband and my daughter saw that light.

    I am so grateful to HTI for their hard work in helping me to heal. 

    Nancy: Substance Abuse/Addiction Program

  • TESTIMONIAL for weightloss!

    My name is Shirley and I’m a 66-year-old housewife and I live in Chicago, IL. My goal in coming to the Hypnosis Technology Institute was to lose about 50 pounds. I had carried the extra weight on my body most my life. I tried Weight Watchers, diet foods, pills, Weight Dr., and other diets. In some cases I was able to lose weight but I always gained it back. So I called to go in to the Hypnosis Technology Institute.

    I lost a total of 46.2 pounds, reduced my body fat by 7.5 percent, and shed a total of 39.5 inches from my body. I started really noticing changes after a couple of months. My family also noticed the changes and they love it. I feel good about myself again.

    I got very good support at HTI. The most important benefit for me is that I learned to eat differently and I’m pretty confident my changes are permanent. 

    Shirley: Weight Loss Program

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